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Kiara Cordice


Personality Into Her Art

Kiara always puts “Kiara” into her art. It signifies that it is her, otherwise, it would just be only a painting. She likes to show who she is in each piece she does.

The Effort Into Her Hands

Fun fact: This is Kiara’s hand! It goes into depth about the meaning of this sculpture. That means, she gives in to the thought of what to incorporate into her media to portray her intentions and feeling.

Learn More About Kiara

Learn more about Kiara’s journey on how she improved and expanded new media into her art style.

Hi There! Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by my art gallery! Here, there are various art pieces in my lifetime that I have ventured out to for fun. I am not a professional, but the art is amusing enough to be worth looking at. Enjoy <3 🙂